Combining Experience and Expertize

Neory Technologies offers end to end mortgage services with core focus on origination, servicing and customer contact.

Delivering superior results from optimized performance, we offer services and solutions that improve the scalability and flexibility of your mortgage operations, making the mortgage life cycle process more efficient and effective.

We manage end-to-end processes for lenders. Our services span the following:

  • Origination
  • Servicing
  • Default management
  • Quality assurance/ Quality control
  • Escrow adminstration
  • Customer service
  • Collections
  • Data management
  • Analytics / Reporting
  • Tax & flood services

We facilitate lenders to succeed in an uncertain environment by establishing operational certainty and by providing required coverage to tackle issues of capacity utilization, regulations and cost.

Neory Technologies mortgage process outsourcing services has the following singular benefits:

  • Profound domain expertise in mortgage services with team average experience of more than 10+ years.
  • Fully offshore/onshore and hybrid onshore/offshore delivery options offered for the flexibility to choose a "right shore" model giving you the maximum control of the outsourced process
  • Offshore staffing model enables round the clock service, improves turn times and reduced cost
  • Project management practices to drive quality and continual improvements to be a value adding service provider
  • Scalable solutions and services to meet your current and future requirements

Neory technologies leverages years of experience in mortgage services. We offer services from new loan set-up to post-closing quality control. Our risk-free combination of expertise and reliability helps our clients do business with more control, bringing them the convenience of a single service provider to ensure quality at every stage of the mortgage lifecycle.

  • New loan Set-up: Is one area that can be easily outsourced and quickly executed. Our team comprises of experienced staff, reviewers and data entry personnel who will review submitted loan files earlier to underwriting to highlight missing documents and data. This process helps to gauge the assessment of the loan file before it goes to the next stage of origination.
  • Loan Processing Services: Our service helps lenders and brokers in streamlining their origination processes & to reduce processing time & costs and increase their ability to close more loans. We provide every client with a custom-fit business solution to help you originate loans in complete compliance and regulations.
    We validate the entire loan package and communicate back and forth with home owners, Broker, LO, and Underwriter at every step in the process. Our team of processors are recruited and trained extensively to support a variety of origination and loan processing services.
  • Underwriting support: We make an effort to provide lenders with decreased overhead and staffing costs, while giving them the assurance that their loans will meet guidelines, our experienced staff of underwriters will provide underwriting support to meet the needs of any retail, correspondent, and wholesale mortgage lender. It is our mission to use our mortgage industry expertise to partner with lenders to build quality, customer-oriented approach that are profitable, efficient, fully in compliance, and designed to excel.
  • Appraisal / Collateral Review: Our team of appraisers are experienced professionals who are fully trained and knowledgeable regarding the requirements mandated by the Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). It is our goal to provide our clients with quality services to ensure the independence of the collateral valuation process, therefore allowing our clients to maintain safe and sound banking practices, as required by the Federal Reserve.

    Our Collateral Review Team provides assistance to lenders to determine the accuracy, quality, and marketability of the appraisal content
  • Title Services: Our team has the required experience and the expertise in providing title search services to mortgage companies. We can help companies to order the title report, analyze the financial repercussions of the loan, arrange for the transfer of property rights and even acquire mortgage policies if needed, all within a quick turnaround time and at affordable cost.

    Neory technologies is in an approach to provide nationwide coverage for title and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industry We offer a comprehensive, best-in-class approach that allows you to synchronize all settlement activities ranging from the simplest residential home refinance, to short sale lien negotiation and multi-party foreclosure processes, our customized solutions seamlessly integrates with your current business processes and help you lower vendor costs, reduce title errors and eliminate barriers to closing.

  • Closing & Post closing Services: We are proficient in handling mortgage closing services & we can help you with all the stages of mortgage closing, including ordering title, preparing closing statements, coordinating with agents, reviewing final terms, HUD settlement, as well as ensuring compliance.
    • Gathering all documents such as the contract, title search, insurance, flood certificate, homeowner's and mortgage insurance.
    • Following title review, the loan application is reviewed and approved by the underwriter. We prepare the closing instructions statement and are sent to the funding department along with the Bank Note, E&O Insurance and Wiring Instructions, etc.
    • Reviewing the property title to check for easements or recorded legal rights to the whole or part of the property.
    Outsource closing services and be rest assured that all your mortgage closing needs are binge taken care by us.
  • Post closing Quality Assurance: We provide Quality Audit Services & use designed tools and software to perform quality audits for all loan types including Fannie & Freddie Mac and any Lender-specific loans.

    We provide quality audits for Prefunding, Post-Closing and for repurchase Loans. We also specialize in providing standard audit processes such as Underwriting Evaluation, File Document Review, Third Party re-verification, Credit Risk Analysis etc.

    Neory technologies offers customized audit processes and post-closing audit sampling tailored to meet any specific information that is provided by our client. This is inclusive of all types of mortgage loan files such as conforming and non-conforming loans, sub-prime, subordinate lien and reverse annuity loans and others.

    Our Mortgage Audit Services will benefit you with:
    • Fair and unbiased results
    • Easy-to-read customized reports
    • Accurate graphical and statistical analysis
    • Interactive dashboards presenting vital information
    • Guaranteed security and confidentiality of loan files and information.

  • Tax and Flood services : Our experienced team collects the required payment information for the escrow accounts in your portfolio and publishes this information to you and will even send you email updates as amounts become available. In addition we directly upload the escrow information to your in-house data system.

    From basic tax data solutions to the complete outsourcing of traditional tax functions, our commitment is to provide the highest quality service with tax solutions enabling us to deliver tax information in the most accurate and time efficient manner.
    • Escrow services
    • Tax outsourcing
    • Delinquency reporting
    • Contact center services

    Our Accurate, affordable & efficient flood certifications ensures full compliance with all regulations, including regular updates with regard to any FEMA regulations, our guaranteed flood determination helps answer the question of whether a property is "in" or "out" of a FEMA designated Flood Hazard Area.

    Bring your requirements to Neory technologies today and minimize the time, costs and the agony involved in handling mortgage services in-house. Email us your requirements & get a free quote within the next 24 business hours.
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