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We have adopted application development methods based on incremental development. Here the requirements and solutions evolve through alliance between cross-functional teams. This is a conceptual framework that takes into account the uniqueness of each project and the possibility of unforeseen interactions throughout the development cycle.

As a methodology, our application development methods promote adaptive planning with evolutionary development and delivery. This encourages a rapid and flexible response to change.

Our approach starts with our project definition phase, concentrating on Microsoft .Net, Java, Flex, Flash technologies or languages to develop the applications. Here we focus on gathering as much institutional knowledge as possible from the clients through research, analytics reviews and stakeholder and user research. Based on this, a brief is established which acts as a framework for a better understanding of the clients, the design problem to be solved and a solution to the project at hand. This helps Neory Technologies to respond to the unpredictability of application through multifold sprints while empowering our application building team to make decisions based on a set of requirements and deliver on them.

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